Friday, September 30, 2011

Brooke Huuskes - Transplant Australia

Thank you so much to Brooke for sharing her inspiring story on the show.

Brooke Huuskes will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Transplant Australia. Her dream of going to Mt Kilimanjaro would not have been possible if she had not recieved the lifesaving kidney transplant. She hopes that her journey to Mt Kilimanjaro will raise awareness about organ donation and help others who are still waiting for the lifesaving transplant.

Brooke was born with reflux nephropathy, which resulted her kidneys to be damaged at an early age. A significant amount of her youth and teen years were spent visiting doctors; who were closely monitoring her kidney function. It was hard, but Brooke chose to live her life to the fullest and live with no regrets.

Listen to Brooke share her inspiring story.
Her joy and enthusiasm for life is truly amazing.
Brooke Huuskes - Transplant Australia on CherriiPOP show by cherriipoptheshow

To support her journey, or read more about it visit:

The original female action star – Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is tough as nails and she can hold her own in action sequences alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li. She wasn’t a trained martial artist when she started action films. She was actually a ballerina, so she had the flexibility, strength and coordination to pick up martial arts very quickly.

I was watching some of her interviews on YouTube and she said stunts for American films are a lot easier than Hong Kong films. Back when she was starting out in film, there was no CGI - all the actors had to do the stunts for real.

She was describing how she had to jump off a building and land in to a pile of cardboard boxes (because they didn’t used airbags in Hong Kong). On top of the boxes were some mattresses to help cushion the fall. When she jumped off, she was falling a lot faster than she had anticipated. She wasn’t prepared for the landing. She landed on her head and she heard a snap. She had to go to hospital and she was in a body cast because she had damaged her spine, her neck.

She didn’t tell her parents about the dangers of the stunts she had to perform, because she didn’t want them to worry. This time she was seriously injured, and the media was about to circulate the story. She had to call her parents – she talked to them casually, then she mentioned that the media might report a story about my injury and she said that it was a publicity stunt.

Another interesting story she mentioned was about a fight scene between her and Jet Li. She said that Jet Li always treats her like a brother. Jet Li doesn’t see her as a girl, so he does not treat her like one. In fight scenes he does not go easy on her. In one scenario, he was charging at her with a huge sword, Michelle couldn’t block him in time because he was so powerful. The sword hit her nose, but luckily it didn’t break.

Michelle is one tough female!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Odd Things I saw – Padlocks of Love, China

For thousands of years in China, padlocks have been used to symbolize an everlasting marriage. Doesn’t that sound romantic?

To have an everlasting love, the couple must have their names engraved on a padlock. On an ancient tree with red ribbons, the couple must fasten their padlock and throw away the key in to a nearby waterway. This will lock, or should I say unite their love forever.

Couples can also lock their padlock on the Great Wall of China and throw the key down the mountain. Another popular place for love locks is Mt Huangshan in China. Lovers make a promise of a lifetime on the mountain with the witness of the heaven’s blue sky and white clouds. They will throw the key down the cliff, sealing their love.

It’s uncertain where this tradition originated in the world. Some sources speculate that it was China. This ancient tradition is commonly practiced today, with many love lock sites around the world e.g. Russia, Japan, France.

Before you lock your love with someone, make sure they are the right person!

Nikita – Back for Season 2

Action star Maggie Q is back for season 2 of Nikita. The second series premiered last Friday with 1.8 million viewers in America.

The episode opens with Nikita and Michael (they are finally a couple) plotting to take down Division. Alex, once Nikita’s ally and protégé is now her enemy. It’s interesting to watch how the dynamic between the characters change as the series progresses.

I love Maggie Q! In an interview, she said she took on this role because she wanted to bring movie quality action to TV. She sets a high standard for herself and pushes herself to meet that bar everyday. That is passion and dedication.

Check out her interview

Laughing Yoga – Mixing Laughter & Exercise

For the past couple of years, several hundred people have been meeting up in a public park in Ha Noi to do a unique kind of exercise – Laughing Yoga.

Laughing Yoga, combines exercise and laughing – 2 essential ingredients for a happy life. People that practice laughing yoga have said they have better health: a stronger immune system and improved body strength. It helps them feel younger and allows them to forget their worries.

Laughing Yoga classes run for 45 minutes. People can expect to laugh non-stop during these lessons. When I watch the video of the class, it looks so much fun! You can see everyone is enjoying themselves. When you laugh and exercise, your brain releases endorphins which results in a feel-good feeling.

Laughing Yoga was launched in 1995 by Dr Madam Kataria, now there are more than 6,000 clubs in 60 countries.

Friday, September 23, 2011

CherriiPOP Playlist for 23rd September 2011

Thanks for listening to the CherriiPOP show this week. Hope you guys enjoyed the show! I especially loved the Odd Things I saw segment with Zombie Wedding Photos. Remember to send in your song requests and dedications for the show! I will continue to invite Author Amy Chua on the show! Send in suggestions for guests on the Cherriipop show on to our facebook page!

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Here is our playlist

Glamorous sky – Mika Nakashima
Favourite – Verbal Jint
Suddenly – Kim Bo Kyung
Forget it – Jewelry-s
Day by day – Kim Bo Kyung
I can be free – Juju
Thi Si Duoi Vang Trang – Bao Han & Me (LOL! I just had to play the virtual duet I mixed, I know I sound terrible. But I love singing along with her music)
A-Cha – Super Junior

Odd Things I Saw: Zombie Wedding Photos

Every couple wants magnificent wedding photos for their special day. Generally, couples want classic photos where they look like they stepped out of a fairytale. However, Korean couple Julian Sunmi Park and Benjamin Jinsuk Lee decided to break the mould.

Instead of the fairytale themed wedding photos, they chose a zombie themed wedding photos. YUP! Zombie themed. Not very romantic, but definitely funny.

Let me set up the scenario. Like in a horror film, the couple is having a romantic picnic in the garden. Suddenly, a hideous zombie (a paid actor in full make-up and costume) jumps out and starts to attack the couple.

Out of nowhere, the couple pulls out a knife and a shovel to attack the zombie. (Question: Who carries a shovel on a date?). After they defeat the zombie, the couple shares a tender kiss under the sun. How sweet.

These photos will need some explaining to their children. Full marks for originality.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 year old girl – The Sake Expert

Akane Niikura, a ten year old girl has become the youngest certified sake connoisseur in the world. (Is it just me, but does it seem wrong to see a young girl next to bottles & bottles of alcohol?)

Don’t be alarmed, she actually has not tasted any alcohol in her life. So how did she become an expert in sake? Her skills come from her sense of smell and the knowledge of what to look for as sake flows down the side of the glass. Her ability allows her to pick the perfect sake to complement meals.

I find it mind boggling that she knows so much about sake without tasting it. Not surprisingly, her mother is the owner of a sake bar. That is where she acquired all her sake knowledge.

After school, Akane works at the bar with her mother, helping customers choose sake.

When she grows up, she wants to own a sake bar just like her mother.

Look alike dolls comfort Tsunami Survivors

Survivors of the natural disasters in Japan are finding healing and comfort in Omokage bina dolls that resemble loved ones that have passed on.

Mika Sato, has found that two dolls resembling her 6 year old daughter who died in the March 11 tsunami, have helped with her emotional scars.

After Sato received the two dolls from the nonprofit organization Tamezo Club, she said “It was like my daughter came back to me.”

Omokage bina dolls are made by craftsmen who work from photos of deceased people. The craftsmen work many hours to capture the person’s features in the doll; 1 doll can take up to 1 month to complete.

Thirty-six dolls have been donated to families, the Tamezo Club plans to donate a further 1,000 dolls. The organization has also received requests from people who want dolls of their parents and grandparents.

I find this story interesting. I’m no therapist but I question if these dolls are really helping the individuals cope with loss. Like I say, I’m no expert, but part of dealing with loss is acceptance. Accepting that your loved one is gone. With these clone dolls, these people may not be dealing with the loss and burying their feelings.


Kmovie - Portrait of a Beauty on SBSTWO tonight 9:30pm

I love SBS Films! Tonight on SBSTWO, Korean Film ‘Portrait of a beauty’ is on at 9.30pm.

This film is an extravagant period piece from director Jeon Yun-su. It is about a woman who takes on her brother's identity after he commits suicide, in order to maintain the family's status in royal court.

I haven't seen this film yet, I will be watching it tonight.

Lucky Find – Man finds 10 million yen in garbage dump

A man found a bag that contained 10 million yen ($131,000) in a garbage dump on September 22, in Kasai Japan.

The man worked at the Government waste disposal centre and found the money bag while separating garbage.

The Waste centre did the honorable thing and handed the cash to the police. If the owner does not claim the money within 3 months; then the waste centre will be entitled to it.

Police said that the money contained mainly 10,000 yen notes. Most of the notes had been made from 2004 onwards.

What would you do if you found a large sum of money in a bin? Another question is, if no one claimed that money and it was given to you – what would you do with it?

Friday, September 16, 2011

CherriiPOP Playlist for 16th September 2011

Thanks for listening to this week's show! I hope you guys enjoyed the first book review - Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.

I have been listening to one of the songs on the show obsessively - Thi Si Duoi Vang Trang by Bao Han. I actually put together a mix where I do a virtual duet with Bao Han. It's easy to spot my voice, I sound horrendous and out of tune. I just love singing along to her music. Let me know what you think
Thi Si Duoi Vang Trang - Bao Han & me by CherriiPOPShow

Here is the playlist
Shake it up - Seo In Gook
Favourite - Verbal Jint
Thi Si Duoi Vang Trang - Bao Han
Fate - Juno
Wired Life - Meisa Kuroki
Chuyen hoa sim - Nhu Quynh
I can be free - Juju
Be Mine - Infinite

University Commencement Speeches

One of my favourite things to do is to listen to Commencement Speeches given by Inspiring people. I always watch these clips for a dose of inspiration. I'm so envious of the keynote speakers that American Universities get. Some have included Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Maria Shriver, Steve Jobs, Jon Stewart, Oprah.

These speeches are very powerful and inspiring. It's amazing to listen to the speakers share their personal stories and give their advice to the newly graduates.

I have to say, I don't recall who the keynote speaker was at my graduation. All I remember from the ceremony was my 2 seconds on stage to receive my degree. It would have been amazing if we got speakers like the American Universities!!

Here are some of my favourite commencement speeches.

Maria Shriver, Journalist
I can't find the speech that Maria Shriver gave. Her speech has been published in a book called 'Ten Things - I wish I'd Known Before I Went Out into the Real World'. I highly this book to you because she gives real advice and honest accounts of her experiences.

Oprah Winfrey - TV Host, Philanthropist

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Jon Stewart, TV Host, Comedian

Conan O'Brien - TV Host, Comedian

Stephen Colbert - TV Host, Comedian

Michelle Obama, First Lady

Book Review - Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

I'm thrilled to introduce the new Book Review segment on the CherriiPOP show.

The first book I will review is 'Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother' written by Amy Chua. This book caused a lot of controversy in the US media when it was released this year. The outrage caused by this book was insanely intense that the author even received death threats.

All the media coverage got me very curious about this book - Everyone was talking about it. I wanted to read the book with an open mind and come to my own conclusion about it.

The book is a memoir about raising children in a western society, in the traditional Chinese way. A lot of the media outlets said it was a parenting guide, but it's not.

The author Amy Chua, is the John M. Duff Professor of Law at Yale Law School. Amy was raised by very strict and traditional Chinese immigrant parents. Amy wasn’t allowed to have sleepovers, boyfriends. Every day she had to study and play piano. She was brought up to achieve excellence. When Amy had her family of her own, she wanted to raise her 2 daughters the way she was raised.

Amy is incredibly honest about her parenting ways. Her candidness was surprising because it didn't necessary portray her in the best light. She talks about how she would punish her children if they didn't practice the violin or piano. Some of the punishment included no dinner, no toys. But coming from an Asian background, parents tend to exaggerate the punishment sometimes, as a scare tactic. It's the norm in Asian culture. I guess in Western culture, it was a culture shock to read about the things Amy did.

Amy makes comparisons between Chinese and Western parenting styles. She said that the Western is too relaxed. Amy said her children doesn't know what is good for them, so her wishes for them will always override their choices.

She wanted her daughters to excel in school and music. She felt that if her daughters put in their best effort, they would achieve A's. Amy demanded nothing but the best from them. Amy pushed her daughters to show them what they are capable of. An example of this is, Lulu had trouble playing this piano piece called 'The Little White Donkey'. Both hands played to different rhythms at a very fast past. Lulu felt that she just couldn't play it, it was too hard. Amy didn't let that piece defeat Lulu. So Amy forced Lulu to keep practicing and practicing for hours. Amy's husband Jed told Amy to stop pushing Lulu. Amy just knew that Lulu could do it and she continued to push. Then after hours of drilling, Lulu was playing the song. She conquered it. From then on Lulu loved playing that song. I admire that Amy didn't let Lulu give up. When Lulu conquered that challenge, she felt a huge sense of achievement.

Amy writes: "Chinese strategy produces a virtuous circle. Tenacious practice, practice, practice is crucial for excellence; rote repetition is underrated in America."

Amy made a lot of sacrifices for her daughters. The media outlets who said negative things about Amy left this important fact out. Amy expected the best from her daughters, she also gave them her best. Amy had a successful academic career, but she always made herself available to her daughters.

As her youngest daughter Lulu got older, she started to rebel against the chinese parenting way - The 'control' that Amy had over her. Lulu wanted to make decisions for herself and she wanted to quit the violin. Amy and Lulu's relationship was suffering. Amy was afraid of losing Lulu. This is a turning point for Amy in the book. Amy let Lulu quit violin. She realised that the chinese parenting way did not suit everyone. Amy had to step back and let Lulu make her own choices.

After reading this book, it gave me a better appreciation for classical music. I never knew the work involved to become a music prodigy. Talent is one thing; in order to grow you need to develop your skills - that involves hard work.

Parenting is the toughest job in the world. I admire Amy for sharing her experiences and struggles. We can all learn from each other's experiences. As the saying goes, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover - Well in this case, don't judge the book by the media coverage. Reading excepts won't give you the full picture, the full journey. This book has to be read cover to cover. The moment I started reading it I was glued. I highly recommend this book about parenting, clash of cultures and a mother's struggle to understand her daughters.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

R U OK? Day Australia 15th September 2011

Thursday 15th September, 2011 was R U OK?Day in Australia. It is a national day of action which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging all of us to connect with people around us and see how they are going.

It is important to remember that the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in a person’s life. Showing someone concern lets them know that there are people that care about them.

When a person feels isolated, their emotions can spiral out and it can lead to depression and other mental illnesses. If no help is provided, it can result in suicide.

Suicide rate in Australia is not falling. According to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), over 2000 Australians took their own lives in 2009.

If you know someone going through a hard time, reach out to them. Talk to them and help them see that the current situation they are in is temporary - Things will get better, will improve.

Life is hard, we need support from each other on this journey.

I want to share inspiring and important words that Will Smith said in an interview. (I’m paraphrasing): There have been so many people that have lived and died before us. All the problems that you have now - have been experienced by someone before you and they written a book about it. No one experiences new problems. Go find that book and read about it.

I think that is important advice. Many times we can feel alone and don’t know how to cope with it. We feel that no one truly understands us. We can see that people try to understand, but they aren’t living it, they don’t know how we feel. If you go and find that book that was written by the person that has been in your shoes; their words and advice will connect with you.

R U OK? Day is one day in a year to raise awareness of mental health. But it is important to apply it to your everyday life.

For more information about R U OK, click here

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Favourite CherriiPOP Moments

Hey Everyone! I want to share with you my favourite moments on the CherriiPOP show.

This season has been amazing! I've had the chance to chat to many inspiring people: Faustina Agolley (TV Presenter), Sean Aiken (One Week Job Founder), Nathan Sawaya (LEGO Artist).

My friends also popped in the studio to give Japanese and Vietnamese Tutorials.

Enjoy listening to the podcasts

CherriiPOP Podcasts by CherriiPOPShow

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Happy Moon Festival!

Happy Moon Festival Everyone! Moon Festival is on Monday 12th September this year. How is everyone celebrating the Moon Festival weekend? Are you going to Moon Festival events in your area? Having a family gathering?

Moon Festival was one of my favourite childhood festivals. My parents would buy me a really pretty lantern (mine was always a butterly), and they'll take me to a Moon Festival event in the city. All the children got dressed up and were happily carrying their lantern around. It's a fond memory of mine.

This year, I'll just be eating lots of moon cakes. Enjoy eating moon cakes everyone!

CherriiPOP Playlist for 9th September 2011

Thank you for tuning in to our show this Friday night! A Big Thank You to LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya for chatting to me on the show! Remember to check out his amazing art exhibition ‘The Art Of the Brick’ at Federation Square!

Here is our playlist

Hero Lives in You – Meisa Kuroki
I Can Be Free – JuJu
Wired Life – Meisa Kuroki
Crazy – Son Dambi
Run For You – Kat-Tun

Next Week - My First Book Review - Amy Chua's 'Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother

I'm so excited about the first book I will review on the CherriiPOP Show - Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua.

This book created a lot of controversy in the US media when it was released this year. Naturally, I was curious about the book, so I had to read it. From the moment I read page 1, I was glued to the book. This book is fascinating and incredibly honest. It gives an insight to a mother trying to raise her children with traditional Chinese values in a modern western society.

It's the type of book that you have to read cover to cover; reading excerpts doesn't give you the full picture.

Tune in next week's show for my FIRST book review!

Watch author Amy Chua discuss her book.

Nathan Sawaya - LEGO Artist

Thank you so much to Nathan Sawaya for chatting to us all the way from Los Angeles.

Nathan has the coolest and most unique job in the world - he is a LEGO Artist. He chats about his passion for LEGO and some of the challenges in LEGO building. Before making an impact in the fine art world with his LEGO art, he worked as a corporate lawyer. How did me make the transition from LAW to LEGO? Listen to this fascinating chat!

Nathan Sawaya - Lego Artist on Cherriipop Show by CherriiPOPShow

His Art Exhibition 'The Art of the Brick' is currently showing at Federation Square, Melbourne. The exhibition is on until the 9th of October. The exhibition is AMAZING!!! EXTRAORDINARY!!! Nathan demonstrates the versatility of LEGO in his artwork, building everything from the T-REX skeleton, life size human forms, portraits. For details about the exhibition, visit

View his amazing LEGO artwork gallery on his website at

Nathan working his magic. Check out the tubs of LEGO in the background! So COOL.

Anh & I at Nathan's Art Exhibit 'The Art of the Brick' in Federation Square, Melbourne. We're imitating Nathan's iconic LEGO artwork 'YELLOW'

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Art Of The Brick - Exhibit @Federation Square, Melbourne

LEGO FANS! You all must go to the amazing art exhibit all about LEGO - The Art Of The Brick! Artist Nathan Sawaya's extraordinary LEGO creations are on display at Federation Square until the 9th October. For more info, click here

Remember to tune in Friday 7pm for my awesome chat with Nathan.

Here are some fave snaps of my trip!

I look so tiny next to the giant LEGO blocks

We're imitating Nathan's iconic sculpture 'YELLOW'

Anh and I working at the LEGO Ticket Booth! How cool!


We made a new friend - The Blue Man. He seems to be deep in thought.

My Dream Art Studio

Yummy Apples!! Delicious

KOFFIA – Korean Film Festival – Melbourne

The Korean Film Festival begins Saturday 10th Sept and runs until Tuesday 13th Sept. The festival is at ACMI in Federation Square.

For the opening night, the blockbuster film ‘The Man from Nowhere’ starring Won Bin will be showing. This film was Korea’s highest grossing film in 2010; it is a great choice for opening night. I reviewed this film earlier this year – if you’re a fan of action, drama, suspense you should go see this film. Click here to read my full review.

Other films showing:
- A Barefoot Dream
- Bunt
- JSA: Joint Security Area
- The Show Must Go On
- Secret Reunion
- Earth’s Women
- Shim’s Family

On Sunday there is a special Industry Forum that you can attend for free. Here, you can listen to industry experts discuss Korean films. Some experts include:
- Dr Adrian Martin, Monash University
- Christian Were (Madman Entertainment)
- Al Cossar (MIFF, Melbourne International Film Festival)

If you have trouble deciding which film to watch, I definitely recommend ‘The Man From Nowhere’.

Check out this great event this weekend. For more details, visit the KOFFIA website

Cherriipop Playlist 2nd Sept 2011

Here is the playlist for last week's show. Remember to send in your song requests!

Be Mine – Infinite
Remember you, remember me – Bao Han
Everybody go – Kis-My-Ft2
Good bye baby – Miss A
Hello Paradise – Yui
Undivided – Blush
Cho em mai yeu anh – Bao Han
Bling Bling – Dal Shabet

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nathan Sawaya - LEGO Artist on this week's show

Exciting news everyone! Nathan Sawaya - The Extraordinary LEGO artist from America will be on this week's show! Tune in 7pm Sept 9th via

Nathan has the coolest and most unique job in the world! Have you wondered what it takes to become a lego artist? Or some of the challenges of lego building? I will be asking him all this and more!

Plus, did you know he was a corporate lawyer before he became a lego artist! How did he transition from LAWYER to LEGO? Tune in this Friday to find out!

His art exhibition "The Art of the Brick" is currently at Federation Square, Melbourne. You all have to go see his magnificent works. Click here for more info.

To view his amazing LEGO artwork, visit his gallery on his website

Follow Nathan on Twitter, click here

Friday, September 2, 2011

JPOP Ayumi Hamasaki's Official Facebook Page

The queen of Jpop Ayumi Hamasaki is now on Facebook! She launched it recently to coincide with her latest mini-album 'FIVE'.

On the album cover, Ayumi is sporting spunky short hair. Check out her fb page.

I can't wait to here her new music!!

Odd Things I Saw - Virtual Shop, South Korea

The first Virtual Shop has opened in Seoul!!! Let me explain, the store is real, but the products are all virtual. The store (Homeplus) will have images of 500 products ranging from milk, egg, pasta sauce, tissues, cameras - To buy these items, all the customer needs to do is to scan the product barcode using their smartphone! Cool hey?

All the items you buy will be delivered to your house. That will save you from carrying bags of groceries to the car.

The first virtual stores was opened at Seolleung Train Station in Southern Seoul. The train station has around 200,000 commuters everyday. They can expect many shoppers to visit their virtual store.

If you think that wasn't cool enough, Homeplus is also planning to launch the Homeplus app in February. This will allow customers to get direct access to the Virtual shop.

Homeplus CEO Lee Seung-hand said store chains need to respond quickly to changing consumer behaviour, and the virtual store will cater for skyrocketing smartphone users in Korea.

I wonder if this virtual shop idea will come to Australia anytime soon?

Photos: Korea Joong gang Daily

Thursday, September 1, 2011

CMovie news – The Monkey King (2012)

One of the most anticipated films for 2012 is The Monkey King. This blockbuster film has a budget of 60 million USD, it will be filmed in IMAX-3D.

Martial artists Donnie Yen will be playing the title role of the Monkey King. The Monkey role is such an iconic martial arts role in film and TV, and only skilled martial artists are cast in the role. Previous actors who’ve played the Monkey King include: Jet Li, Dicky Cheung, Masaaki Sakai.

The other cast members - let me tell you, it is the D-R-E-A-M cast. Chow Yun-Fat is Jade Emperor. Aaron Kwok is the Bull Demon King. Peter Ho is Erlang Shen. Kelly Chen is Guan Yin. It is a very exciting cast.

The promotional pictures of the film have been circulating the internet. They look great! I really can’t wait to watch this film and see how they interpret the legend of Monkey.

Keep an eye out for it next year! I will keep you posted.


Manifest 2011 was on last weekend! It was a HUGE event with many cosplayers attending. My friend Jimmy took many awesome photos on the day. He said I can share them on the CherriiPOP show. Thanks Jimmy!! Jimmy is an awesome photographer, you check out other cool photos of his on his website

Looking at the photos, I just admire all the effort and detail the cosplayers put in their costumes. From the cool hairstyles, make-up and accessories like swords, fans. The detail adds that extra WOW factor to the whole look.

My favourite Manifest pictures are of groups of friends coming dressed up as the characters from the same Anime series. There is a cool picture of the sailor moon girls with tuxedo mask. There is another group photo with about 15 friends, all dressed up as characters from Bleach! – Very impressive. It would be so much fun to get your friends together and dress up as characters from a series. I would LOVE to do Naruto! But, I don’t think I will be able to convince my friends to dress up with me (LOL!). My favourite character from Naruto is ROCK LEE!! I would love to dress up as him.

Did you attend Manifest 2011? I'd love to hear from you, share your experience and photos with the CherriiPOP by posting up photos!