Friday, August 26, 2011

Cherriipop Playlist 26th August 2011

Thanks for listening to tonight's show! Thank you Sean for coming on the show! Here is our playlist

Sara Mary – Mirror Mirror
Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, Kitamura Eri – Orange
Nana Mizuki – Junketsu Paradox
Eri Kitamura – Guilty Future
Infinite – Be mine

Korean Film Festival - Melbourne 2011

The Korean film festival begins in Melbourne on 10th of September. It will run until the 13th of September.

They have a great line up of movies which include: A Barefoot dream, The secret reunion. The man from nowhere. I highly recommend The Man from nowhere, it stars Won Bin. I reviewed this movie earlier in the year, you can check out my review on the website. I was browsing the Korean festival website, they had a section called Spotlight with Won Bin’s profile on it. And I thought Won Bin was attending the event, so I was beside myself. Anyway, turns out his not attending. None of the Korean actors are attending. That is a bit of a bummer.

I love Korean cinema. They are producing many incredible and original films. Hollywood has taken notice of that, so they’ve been re-marking Korean films and inviting the talented actors to star in their Hollywood films.

If you were to only watch one film at this years Korean film festival, I recommend Man from nowhere. It has a great storyline, lots of action and brilliant performances. This is Won Bin’s best performance to date. In my review for this movie, I did mention how incredibly violent this film is. It’s probably the most violent film I have seen. It’s a lot worse than the Kill Bill movies.

For more details visit:

Sean Aiken from One Week Job

A Big Thank You to Sean for being a guest on the CherriiPOP show! Thank you so much for chatting to me all the way from Vancouver!

Sean Aiken, founder and star of the One Week Job project shares his experiences about finding his passion by working one job a week for one year. In total he worked 52 jobs, ranging from hollywood producer, baker, martial arts instructor.

He gives inspiring and practical advice for people who are in search of their passion.

Special Announcement - One Week Job - Australia is coming. Sean is coming to Australia later this year, to launch this exciting project. This will be his first trip to Australia!!!

Listen to this inspiring chat
Sean Aiken from One Week Job on The CherriiPOP by CherriiPOPShow

Visit Sean's website for more info about his film and book.

Photos from Sean's One Week Job Journey

Photos - One Week Job

MANIFEST 2011, Aug 26-28th

It's that time of year again, when all you Melbourne cosplayers can roam the city streets - It's Manifest weekend. The venue for this year's Manifest is the Melbourne Showgrounds.

There are many devoted cosplayers in this city. I shared some amazing pictures from last year’s manifest that my friend took. Serious cosplayers put a lot of effort in their costumes, trying to get every detail perfect. Cosplayers also become the character when they are in costume. They take on the character’s mannerisms. It’s cool to watch them. None of my friends are cosplayers. Some are anime fans, I found out some friends will be attending this years Manifest. They will be going tomorrow.

You know, If I were to do cosplay, I would dress up as L from deathnote. Partly because the costume would be easy to put together. L’s outfit is so simple compared to like sailor moon, naruto. To be L, I would just have to wear blue jeans and a white top. Mess up my hair and wear a lot of eyeliner. The other thing I like about L is his mannerism, his hunched over all the time and behaves kind of oddly. I find it fascinating.

At Manifest, there will be competitions for best cosplay outfit.There will be anime screenings.

For more details visit

I’d love to post up your pictures from the event. If you are cosplaying or taking pictures with cosplayers, send them in to me on facebook.

Monday, August 22, 2011

One Week Job's Sean Aiken, on CherriiPOP this Friday (26/8/11)

Sean Aiken, the creator and star of documentary film One Week Job - is the special guest on this week's CherriiPOP Show. Sean is the very first international guest on CherriiPOP.

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from Capilano College in North Vancouver, unlike other graduates who went out looking for jobs, he took a step back and said – I don’t want a job, I want a career I feel passionate about. But, he didn’t know what his passion was. He came up with a novel idea to help find his passion - he set out to work one job a week for a whole year. His journey was documented in a film called ‘One Week Job’, he has also written a book ‘One Week Job Project’. He worked a total of 52 jobs, ranging from Martial Arts Instructor, Astronomer, Pizza Maker, Baker, Mascot, Hollywood Producer.

To watch his inspiring film, or read more about his journey visit

Tune in this friday 7pm for my chat with Sean.

The CherriiPOP Show - About Us

The CherriiPOP show has been broadcasted on Radio Monash (@Monash University in Melbourne, Australia) since 2010. We play awesome music from Southeast Asia: Jpop, Kpop, Vpop & Cpop. CherriiPOP has invited amazing guests to share their inspiring stories. Check out our popular radio segment Odd Things I Saw, where we post up funny, yet strange pictures and stories. Browse the News and Reviews sections for Music, Movies, TV and Books.

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Meet the Host - Tam
I created this show to entertain and inspire. I loooove music, my favourite artists include Rain, Bao Han, Utada Hikaru, Son Dambi, Paolo Nutini. And it's no secret that I heart Rain!

I love chatting to guests! I've been so lucky to have many amazing people on CherriiPOP. I hope that you draw inspiration from their stories.

The CherriiPOP show and this website reflects my interests. I love music, TV shows, books, food, travel. I will share with you my favourite picks.

The show is going strong because of all your support! Thank you listeners and online fans. Thank you to my awesome friends and family for the support. Thanks MD for your expertise! Thank you to Radio Monash for everything!

I hope you enjoy listening to the show!

Tune in Fridays - Tam

Friday, August 19, 2011

Guest Faustina Agolley on the CherriiPOP show

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to Faustina Agolley for chatting to me. Thank you for being the first celebrity guest on the CherriiPOP Show.

Faustina is an inspiring person! I can't emphasize that enough. I am thrilled to have had the chance to chat to her. I hope you guys enjoy listening to our chat.

Faustina is a music expert. She has interviewed the biggest names in the industry including Usher, Rihanna, Missy Higgins, on Australia’s iconic music show Video Hits! She’s a local girl, who studied at Melbourne Uni and RMIT. She’s also a model, dj and spokesperson for numerous charities. She is one of Australia’s most loved personalities!

Listen to Part 1

Asian Pop Music, Modeling, TV, University, Channel 10

Faustina being a music expert; I asked her if she listened to Asian Pop Music. She talks about her journey to her dream job of hosting the iconic music show Video Hits. In her first year of hosting Video Hits, she was studying to complete her double degree. She explains why she chose to complete her degrees and not defer it after landing her dream job.
Faustina Agolley on CherriipopPt 1 by CherriiPOPShow

Listen to Part 2

Video Hits, Alicia Keys, Future, New York, Inspiration

Faustina talks about the end of Video Hits and what she will miss most about the show. Did you know her favourite artist to interview was Alicia Keys? Faustina describes that moment as a career highlight. She is about to start a new chapter, Faustina shares her future plans. Faustina tells us who have been the biggest inspiration in her life.
Faustina Agolley on Cherriipop Pt2 by CherriiPOPShow

Online podcast special

Faustina talks about her passion for geography and how she hopes to get more people interested in this area.
Faustina Agolley on Cherriipop Web Exclusive by CherriiPOPShow

Thursday, August 18, 2011

SBS Insight - Beauty Race

This week on SBS Insight, they explore the growing trend of people turning to plastic surgery to change their ethnic features. Some of these procedures include eyelid surgery, implants, skin lightening.

We've explored this topic on the show before. It was interesting that Insight explored this topic in more depth this week. Guests on the show included plastic surgeons, people who've undergone plastic surgery and professors.

You can watch the episode here.

Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section.

Paris By Night Live Show Australia Tour 2011

The Paris By Night Live Concert is coming to Australia this December! This is the biggest Vpop concert to hit our shores this year. Vpop fans, your going to love the line up, featured artists include: Nhu Quynh, Nhu Loan, Don Ho, Minh Tuyet. The event will be MC by Nguyen Ngoc Ngan, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen.

I'm quite excited that Nhu Quynh, Nhu Loan, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen are all coming to Australia. I'm a huge fan. I've seen Nhu Quynh perform live before, she's amazing. This year is an amazing year for Asian Pop Concerts. We've got the Huge Kpop fest concert in Nov, and now the Vpop concert in December.

Paris by Night tour dates:
Adelaide - December 2nd
Brisbane - December 3rd
Sydney - December 9th
Melbourne - December 10th
Perth - December 11th

Check your local Vietnamese paper for more details.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Odd Things I Saw - Hold Hands with your iPhone Hand Case

Check out the Latest iPhone accessory for sale! It's the Hand iPhone Case - ooooh! Now you can take your relationship with your iphone one step further by holding hands with it.

This iphone case has a lifelike latex hand attached to the phone case. It kind of reminds me of the freaky detached hand in the film 'The Addams Family'.

Imagine... watching someone talk on their iPhone and a hand was poking out on the side of the face - wouldn't that be WEIRD! Or, if a guy had their iphone in their back jean pocket and you saw fingers poking over the top. Or Ladies, if you were rummaging through your bag looking for things and you suddenly felt a hand - Wouldn't that make you jump?

This iphone hand was designed for lonely people - it allows them to have the feeling of holding a loved one's hand. The hand comes in two sizes: adult female hand, or a child's hand.

The iphone hand case can be used to hold multiple items, like your glasses, or pens and make up. This hand retails for $60 at Rakuten website. You never know, you might find having an extra hand very handy. Or, this would make a hilarious birthday present for your mate.

Images sourced: LA Times Blog

Friday, August 12, 2011

CherriiPOP Playlist for 12th August 2011

Thank you for tuning in to our Season 4 premiere. I’m thrilled to be back in studio! Hope you guys enjoyed the show!

CherriiPOP bids farewell to the ULTIMATE music show – Video Hits. We love you! Video Hits host Faustina Agolley will be a guest on next week’s show. Tune in for that special.

You’ve fallen for me – Jung Yong Hwa
Fiction – Beast
Roly Poly – T-ara
Mona Lisa – MBLAQ
Brave heart – Nerdhead
Undivided – Blush
Love now – Coco Lee
Shampoo – After school

Teen gets tongue lengthened to speak Korean

I came across this interesting news article today. It's so odd, I had to share it with you guys.

Rhiannon Brooksbank-Jones, 19 year old British Student, underwent surgery - a lingual frenectomy, to lengthen her tongue by 1cm to speak Korean better. She is devoted to the Korean culture, she has been studying the language for 2 years and has dreams of living in the country.

When speaking in Korean, Rhiannon had trouble pronouncing crucial sounds in the Korean language. To find out the reason why she couldn’t say those sounds, she visited her dentist. Her dentist told her the reason could be that she had a shorter than average tongue, a condition known as Ankyloglossia or "tongue tie".

After the 20 minute operation at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham, she can now speak with a native Korean accent.

"My pronunciation was very 'foreign', but now I can speak with a native Korean accent," Ms Brooksbank-Jones said.

"The surgical procedure was my only option. It's not like you can stretch your tongue otherwise. "

I'm no expert in this area, but maybe having a voice coach or a speech therapist could have helped her pronounce the words better? I just think getting your tongue surgically lengthened is quite extreme.

Source: ninemsn

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

KPOP Music Festival hits Sydney this November

Do I have big news for you KPOP FANS! The biggest KPOP concert is heading to Sydney this 12th November. A total of 12 (yes I did say 12!!) kpop bands will be performing in Sydney. There will be a total of 6 boy bands & 6 girl bands!!! It's KPOP heaven!

Let me take a deep breath before I go through the kpop bands performing:

Let’s start with boybands: TVXQ, SHINEE, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, BEST, 2AM


Ticket prices range from: $89-289. Tickets go on sale the 1st of September @ Ticketek.

This special event is to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic ties between Australia and Korea.

For more information, visit:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Video Hits host Faustina Agolley, on CherriiPOP next Friday (19/8/11)

Music Expert Faustina Agolley is our first special guest on the CherriiPOP show for season 4.

There has been a change of date. She'll be chatting with us on next week's show, not tomorrow night. More to come! I'm very excited to have her on the show!

CherriiPOP Season 4 Premiere, 7pm 12th August 2011

We are back for season 4! Season premiere kicks off tomorrow night at 7pm, Tune in @

I'm thrilled to be back in studio. We've got lots planned for this season: more guests, more music, more stories. Does that sound exciting?

For season 4, I'll be inviting inspiring people on the show. My first guest for the season is Video Hits host, Faustina Agolley. She'll be on next week's show - Be sure to tune in for that special. I'm so thrilled to have her on! If you would like to suggest a guest, send it in to our facebook page!

During our off season, I've been busy renovating the website. I've added in tabs and separate pages for different show segments. Surf around and let me know what you think. My personal favourite tab is 'Odd Things I saw'.

Keep sending in your comments, shout outs, song requests & dedications.

Remember to tune in tomorrow for the Special Season 4 Premiere.

- T

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Girl Group Blush making waves in the US

Let me take you back to last year, a project called "Project Lotus' was set to find the next hottest girl group from Asia through a series of open and online auditions.

The call sent out by Project Lotus resulted in thousands of people auditioning online and in person. The amount of talent seen by the judges was overwhelming. After a gruelling period of auditioning, the final group was selected and named 'Blush'. Now they are being launched globally, releasing their debut single 'Undivided' which features Snoop Dog.

Check out their performance on US show So You Think You Can Dance.

They have come a long way! Congrats girls!

Do you like their debut song?

The Series Finale of Iconic Aussie Music Show – Video Hits

After 24 years on air, the music show that we all grew up with Video Hits is coming to an end. The final episode will air tomorrow - Saturday morning 6th August 2011, 10am on Ch10. Hosts Faustina and Dylan will bid farewell to us all. It will be a truly sad day in television.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a chat with Faustina this week about the end of VH. The interview will be broadcasted next Friday on CherriiPOP’s season 4 premiere. I also had the chance to talk to Faustina about uni, Asian pop and so much more. She’s amazing! So you all must tune in to Radio Monash at 7pm, Friday 12th August.

Here are some photos of the final VH episode that Faustina shared on her facebook fanpage

For me, VH was the coolest and I mean the COOLEST show on earth growing up. Back in the 90’s, the only way to watch awesome music videos was on TV. Hard to believe right? Today the media landscape has completely changed; now with the internet, music videos are easily accessed on our phones and any tech gadgets. VH was the biggest and coolest show that I grew up with.

My Western music knowledge wasn’t that good when I was young. An example, I learnt who Bon Jovi was when I was in grade 2. I felt like an alien for being the only person in class to not know who he was. In my defense, I grew up listening to Vietnamese music since I was a baby. So my knowledge in VPOP was quite good, but I couldn’t talk about the artists I liked in class because no one knew who they were.

From my school friends I started to get exposed to Western music and they told me to watch this ‘super cool’ music show – Video Hits. When I watched the show, it opened up another world for me. I became huge fans of Janet Jackson, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, The Corrs, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Kylie - All because of Video Hits.

Each week I had to watch Video Hits for new music videos from my favourite artists. It was a huge deal! At school, my friends and I will talk about music videos, cool songs and new bands. At home, I would record my favourite music videos on video tape (very old school). When taping a music vid on video tape, I had to sit by the TV to wait and wait for my song to come up. There was no playlist posted online back then, or link to download the Music Vid. The remote must have been broken, because I don’t remember using it to record. I always had to sit next to the TV to record music videos from Britney, BSB.

During my teen years, I appreciated the interviews with the artists more. I became interested in the stories behind the songs, meaning of lyrics, how artists got their inspiration. The interviews made me appreciate music more as an art form of expression. It wasn’t all about music videos for me anymore, it was about music.

Now in my 20’s, I have followed Video Hits for close to 2 decades. VH has been apart of my life for so long, expanding my music knowledge. I still can’t grasp the fact that it is all about to end. Yes, I know watching the artists music videos can be easily done on the internet. But, it’s just not the same! Video Hits sometimes had shows dedicated to an artists career like Michael Jackson. In that show you can watch all his music videos and learn about his career in the show.

Watching Dylan and Faustina on weekend mornings have been a joy and it will be greatly missed. I have really enjoyed learning from their music brains and watching their interviews. It will be up to them to farewell the Australian audience; and all the young adults who have grown up with the show.

Thank you for all the music Video Hits! You will be missed greatly.

Tune in 10am on Ch10 tomorrow for one last VH show!