Thursday, July 29, 2010

Season 2 Launch has been postponed due to tech errors in studio

Sorry Everyone! Due to technical issues at Radio Monash, we can't begin broadcasting season 2 of CherriiPOP tonight! The team is doing everything they can to have the studio up and running asap. In mean time, keep sending in your song requests, dedications & shoutouts via our Facebook Page and Twitter @cherriipop

- Tam *^_^*

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) July 22 - Aug 8. Lots of great films from Asian Cinema!

Movie lovers must check out the MIFF festival ! MIFF Showcases the best of world cinema. With over 50 countries participating in this year's festival, it's diverse program will surely cater for everyone's taste in film.

Here is an overview of the films from Asian Cinema in MIFF.

- 1428
- Apart Together
- City of Life and Death
- Like a Dream
- Petition
- The Search

Hong Kong
- Dream Home
- Like a Dream
- Love in a Puff

- The Dreamer

- Air Doll
- Beetle Queen conquers Tokyo
- Caterpillar
- First Squad, the moment of truth
- Kanikosen
- Mai Mai Miracle
- Summer Wars
- Symbol
- In a pig's eye
- Still in Cosmos

- Karaoke

- For Y'R height only
- Independencia
- Lola

South Korea
- The Actresses (Interesting film, reminds me of the tv show 'The hills')
- Hahaha
- The housemaid (classic and remake versions)
- Paju
- Poetry
- A perm
- The wonder hospital

- Au Revoir Taipai
- Like a dream

- A letter to uncle Boonmee

- Adrift

Enjoy the MIFF festival everyone!

1 More day until our Season 2 Begins

The countdown is nearly over! 1 more day until Season 2 of CherriiPOP Music Show on Radio Monash Launches. We've got a lot of exciting stuff planned this season, so tune in 7pm tomorrow via for awesome music and reviews.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Tracks this Week

Taeyang - I need a girl! Hot MV!

Chae Yeon is back with 'Look Look Look'

Shinee are back too, with "Lucifer". Their mv have was just released last week and already have exceeded 1.2 million views on youTube! They were also one of the Top Trending topics in Twitter last week! All their fans are showing them tonnes of support!

Se7en is back in Korea after trying to break it in the US music market. His comeback track is 'Better together'

New Girl Group Miss A's debut song 'Good girl, bad girl'

CherriiPOP Season 2 Begins on July 30th!!!!

Hey Everyone! We are excited to announce that we will be back on air next week for season TWO of the CherriiPOP Music Show! During the off season we have been busy sampling a lot of AWESOME new tracks and doing research for interesting show segments.

Start sending in your song requests, dedications and shoutouts in via our facebook page, or twitter!!

Thanks for all your support! Remember to tune in Friday next week 7pm via for the launch of our 2nd season. It's going to be a MASSIVE SHOW

Much Love - Tam

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Asian version of 'Jersey Shore'? YUP! Starring a a lively group of Korean-Americans

Following the success of Jersey Shore, a new reality TV show based on young Americans called 'Ktown' is set to debut? It already has a twitter account @KTownRealityTV . The cast has a lot of similarities to the Jersey Shore cast - a muscly guy, hot girls... The show is produced by rapper Tyrese and the show finished filming the pilot. Do you think it will get picked up?

I wonder if the show will be a hit in Korea?... I don't thinks it would be because Korean Reality shows are quite sweet, funny and respectful. We'll wait and see

Hallyu Star Won Bin is no more Mr. Nice Guy in his upcoming film

Hallyu Star Won Bin embraces the chance at playing an action star with a dark edge in his upcoming film 'The Man from Nowhere'. Famous for playing the typical romantic lead and younger brother roles, he is striving to take on more challenging roles that showcase his diversity in acting. After his military service, Won Bin has taken his time selecting roles that he feels passionate about and that lead him to take on the role of a mentally challenged man in the critically aclaimed film 'Mother'.

In 'The Man from Nowhere' we see Won Bin's character develop an unlikely friendship with a little girl. Similar to Denzel Washington's film "Man on Fire', Won Bin's character goes on a dangerous mission terminating his enemies to rescue the girl after she is kidnapped.

At the press conference, Won Bin describes his character
"My character is someone with a tortured past and lives his life in self-imposed exile from society. But when he meets this innocent little girl, her warmth and humanity pulls him out of his reclusive state little by little,”

“This is an action drama and the most important thing for us was to make this
violent and hardened man likeable to audiences, and we tried showing that as
best we could through the scenes which involve my interaction with (Se-ron, the little girl).”

The film's director Lee Jung-beom explains his reasoning for selecting Won Bin as his male lead
"“It is true (Won Bin) is seen as someone very fragile and somewhat soft, But that was the key reason why we cast him ― because it would be believable that he would open himself up to this little girl. And I saw in him someone who could switch from soft to vicious in a blink.The first time I met him he was already excited about the project. I could tell he had a lot of fun reading the script and it showed as he was very enthusiastic in creating this character,” Lee said.

“It’s a very macho film and it’s true I’ve cast typically macho-looking actors for my previous films. But I’ve always been interested in depicting not just outward
machismo but machismo that comes from the inside and I felt (Won Bin) did a great job in doing just that.”

The film opens in South Korea Aug 5

Kpop Stars & Actors Join Twitterverse

Twitterverse is expanding with more and more celebs joining! Everyone is catching twitter fever.

Rain had many 'posers' on twitter, I thought 1 of them was the real Rain and I kept twittering to him how much i love him... LOL... and I got a tweet back saying 'I love you too'. I nearly fell over my chair. Sadly that wasn't the real Rain. This is the official Rain twitter @29rain. He use to tweet a lot, in korean (I wish i could understand) then suddenly he deleted all his tweets. Now he doesn't tweet anything!!! But he has all these followers. I found out why he deleted his tweets, he posted photos on his twitter of him and Jun Ji-hyun and it caused quite a stir in the news and amongst netizens. The thing is everyone thinks they are dating but they both deny it. Interesting... Well, I hope Rain starts tweeting again so he can talk to his fans. I still need to convince him to come to Australia.

Another newbie to twitter is the handsome actor Daniel Henney @danielhenney. It was announced previously on CherriiPOP that Daniel is also starring with Rain in the new TV drama 'Fugitive'. Daniel tweets in english, so lucky for me - I can understand it. It's pretty cool that he interacts a lot with his fans; he tweets about his daily life and posts heaps photos up. His agency also tweets for him as well. Remember to welcome him to twitter!

Songstress Chae Yeon @Chaeyeon_lee is preparing for her big comeback to the music industry. She has been tweeting about the process to her fans, posting photos from dance rehearsal . She tweets a lot - so check it out. Again, she tweets in Korean - I really must learn the language since I follow all these kpop stars. LOLz

Other Stars are:

Boys Before Flower Cast:
Lee Minho @ActorLeeMinHo
Kim Bum @ActorKimBeom
Kim Hyun Joon @hyungjun87 (SS501 Lead singer)

Solo Artists:
Lee Soo Young @singer_lee

Most Kpop groups are twitterbugs as well, groups like: 2AM, 2PM, After School, BEAST, Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, F. Cuz, FT Island, Girl's Day, KARA, MBLAQ, One Way, Rainbow, SG Wannabe, SS501, Super Junior, T-ara, T-Max to name a few.

Start expanding your twitter follow list!

Are you ready for Se7en's comeback?

After a 3 year absence from the music industry, mega pop star Se7en is back and his making a statement. Se7en is shedding his cute boyish image for his comeback, and replacing it with a manlier and sexier look.

His long awaited album will be in stores on the 21st of July. Se7en is working hard for his comeback, he is currently filming his music video for the title track 'Better Together' in a secret location.

With his new look, he has a new sound - a fusion of electro, pop and hip hop. Se7en hasn't revealed much but we think it may sound something like the Black Eye Pea's latest album 'The End'. We will find out soon!

Welcome back Se7en!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congrats to Paris by Night for their 100th Show

Paris By Night, the long running VPOP music show has celebrated it's 100th concert in Las Vegas over the weekend. Famous for their highly talented singers and elaborate stage shows, Paris by Night exceeded everyone's expectations to mark this special anniversary!

It was also Vpop Princess Bao Han's final appearance on Paris By Night after an amazing 18 years with the production company. She announced on her official website that she will retire from the entertainment industry after 2010, to return to her home country Vienna and start a new chapter in her life. Many fans were tearful during her final interview on the stage that made her the worldwide Vpop superstar. Bao Han is currently on tour worldwide to farewell her fans in person. She kicked off her Australian tour today! Her first concert is in Sydney, Adelaide on Sunday and finally her last ever concert in Australia is in Melbourne on Sunday. Be sure to catch her on this special Aussie Farewell tour.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

CPOP star Peter Ho's (He Run Dong) cool artwork

Peter Ho, Cpop singer and star of TV dramas such as 'Love at the Aegean Sea', 'Men and Legends' is also a talented artist! I came across his blog on the website ( and was amazed at his comic drawings. There is also video of him drawing his dream girl which is quite funny, he drew a girl in a bikini top with a frying pan in one hand! Check out his other drawings and photos on his blog.

Rain Turns 28 - Happy Birthday!

Rain celebrated his birthday this week (28th of June). He is currently having a blast doing a special tour in Japan. On his special day he was totally caked on stage! Happy Birthday Rain!