Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rain requests for a delay from enlisting in the army

Rain has requested a delay from enlisting in the army due to his busy work schedule.
Let's see if they grant his request. Rain is currently studying a Masters degree in Performing arts, starring in the new TV drama 'Fugitive' and planning to go on tour in Japan. His one busy man. Let's see if they grant his request

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The phenomenon of Japanese Cellphone Novels – They become Best Selling Novels, Have Movie and TV drama adaptations

Following on from the movie review of Koizora. Koizora actually started off as a cellphone novel that became a published novel, then a movie and then a TV drama followed.

So what is a cellphone novel? A story that is written through a number of text messages over a period of time. It can be subscribed by millions of readers. Koizora, had more than 20 million subscribers to the cellphone novel. Quite an astonishing number for a story told through SMS.

In 2007, out of the 10 best selling novels, five of them were originally cellphone novels. What is more amazing is the top 3 positions were occupied by first time cellphone novelists. Cellphone novels are pocketing sales that more experienced authors could only dream of. Initially, cellphone novels were dismissed by critics for its poor literary quality. However, due to its domination and success in mainstream literature the critics are silenced, and some say that cellphone novels should be classified with Manga and popular music.

It seems anyone can get in to writing cellphone novels, with over one million cellphone novels already listed. Cellphone novelist can type out their story on their phone anywhere: on the way to work or school, or whenever they have a short break. A lot of successful cellphone novels are love stories, written in the first person. When reading a cellphone novel it reads like a diary.

There is a lot of appeal in cellphone novels. You have to remember that you can’t fit a lot of information in a single SMS, so very simplistic language is used to tell the story. The simplistic language makes it easier to understand for the young generation in Japan, who find works by professional writers too difficult to understand because they use wordy or cryptic expressions. The text messages contain little plot or character development compared to traditional novels. Therefore, Cellphone novels have parallels to the popular graphic novels (manga). The phenomenon and success of cellphone novels is all due to a generation whose reading habits consist mainly of manga and use their mobile phones more than their computer.

I think the world will catch on to Cellphone novels because we use and rely on our phones more each day. It is an exciting new medium for story telling. I’ve decided to start my own cellphone novel to see what it is like. It’s called ‘Wilting heart’. You can check it out on twitter @wiltingheart or the blog:

I find writing the cellphone novel really appealing because I don’t need to dwell over details. I just need to write what is happening really. It’s quite a different experience. You guys should check it out and let me know what you think.

Movie Review – Koizora (Jmovie)

Japanese film makers are masters of story telling. They know how to explore the characters in depth and the story moves at a pace that allows the audience to get attached to the characters.

Koizora, which means Sky of love, is a moving love story between 2 high school students. Mika a sweet, softly spoken, innocent girl and Hiro, a bleached haired bad boy. He takes a liking to Mika and cleverly gets her number without her knowing. Then he starts to call her and talks to her, but she wants to know who he is but he won’t tell her. They start to talk more on the phone and open up to each. One day Hiro decides to reveal his identity to Mika, so they meet. Mika is shocked to find that the sensitive, funny guy she was talking to all along was the ‘scary silver haired guy’ in her year level. She runs away after their meeting, confused. After some time she sees that he is the same guy she talked to on the phone, they start to date each other. Hiro’s ex girlfriend Saki terrorises Mika in evil ways, causing Mika substantial pain and suffering. Hiro tries to protect her and seeks revenge on anyone that dared to hurt Mika. Then their love story takes a turn.

I found this movie very moving and the two leading star’s performance amazing and realistic. I was surprised to learn that they were 17 when they acted in this movie. The maturity in their performance, I thought they might have been in their 20’s acting in a teen role. I got teary eyed in so many scenes, they had to face so many challenges together. I think this is an amazing movie so you should check it out. I give it 5/5 stars.

After the movie Koizora was released, a TV drama comprising of 6 episodes was made. I need to check that out. If you have seen it, let me know what you think of it. Which one did you like better? The movie or TV drama.

Both the Leading stars of the Koizora Movie: Aragaku Yui and Miura Haruma are singers. It seems everyone in showbiz is a double, triple, quadruple threat these days. Haruma’s song Konjoy Nashi is a great track with an awesome beat, I’ve been listening to it all week. Yui actually sang the theme song for Koizora – Heavenly days. It's a sweet song that has a touch of sadness.

Guess what? My movie review of Koizora is published on the SBS Film website

Have a read =D It's so exciting!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CherriiPOP's MTV awards Top 5 Highlights

1. Rain’s win for Biggest Badass Star!! You’re the man Rain!

2. Sandra Bullock’s pash with Scarlett Johannson. Sandra also got to kiss Scarlett’s husband Ryan Reynald’s in the movie ‘The Proposal’! Not many people could say they kissed both Scarlett and Ryan! Didn’t Sandra also kiss Meryl Streep at another award show? Sandra sure likes to kiss the ladies at award shows

Tom Cruise on stage with Jennifer Lopez! Look at Tom working the sexy being Les Grosman! His got a great sense of humor! Doesn’t Jennifer look HOT as always?

Ken Jeong – Star of the Hangover Performing on Stage and working his sexy moves. Did you know he is a qualified Doctor? His got a dual career, doctor/actor. That can be considered a double threat.

Katy Perry’s blue hair. We’ve seen Pink and Gwen Stefani work the pink hair! Now it’s time for BLUE HAIR to take over. It has been announced that she will be playing the Smurfette in the new Smurf's movie! So many reasons to be blue!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Congrats to Rain for his win at the MTV movie awards for 'BIGGEST BADASS STAR'

MTV movie awards news: Well the MTV awards aired on Sunday. Here at CherriiPOP we've been campaigning for Rain in his category: Biggest Badass Star! And Guess what??? HE WON!! Congratulations to Rain on your HUGE WIN!! Many celebrities attended the festivities including Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan to name a few and of course our man RAIN!!! Rain was looking sharp in an all black suit. It’s always a good sign to see the celebrity attend the MTV movie award show (It usually indicates they won!). It was so exciting to hear the news that he won! We celebrated by wearing our Rain socks! I wonder how he celebrated his win? He had tough competition, just a reminder of his fellow nominees: Angelina Jolie (Wanted), Channing Tatum (GI Joe), Chris Pine (Star Trek), Sam Worthington (Avatar). Jackie Chan a past winner presented the award to his good friend Rain. In his speech, Rain joked that when he heard his nomination for this award he started to work out again. Congrats Rain!

Friday, June 4, 2010

CherriiPOP Playlist - 4/6/10

Thanks for tuning in to our Rain Special Show. We played a lot of his hits today, we hope you enjoyed the show. Here is the playlist for today's show

Rain - It's Raining
Coco Lee - Ready or Not
Kelly Chen - Unwritten
Rain - I do
SNSD - Tell me your wish (Genie)
Kana Nishino - Aitakute Aitakute
Rain - Freeway
Arashi - Monster
Wonder Girls - 2 Different tears
Jun Matsumto - La Familia
Rain - Oh YEAH!!!!!!!! (feat. Ai)

GOOD LUCK TO RAIN @ the MTV Movie awards airing this Sunday, June 6th

The MTV Awards are airing this SUNDAY!!!

Listen to podcast
CherriiPOP Rain's MTV nomination 2010 by CherriiPOP

Good luck Rain! We hope you take home the prize in your category: MTV's biggest badass award!! You can do it!! Rain was nominated for his role in Ninja Assassin. This is his first leading role in a Western film and he sure made an impact in this action packed film. Good luck Rain!

Speaking of MTV awards, Sandra Bullock will be making an appearance to accept the MTV generation award for her role in The Blind Side. That movie is incredibly moving and her performance was remarkable, if you haven't seen it yet - check it out. This will be her first appearance since her divorce. Her fans will be happy to see her in the spotlight again! We love you Sandra!